ABCJr (Assembly By Casting) Die Cast Machine

Not only is it fast, reliable and user-friendly, but cost-effective too! The ABCJr machine is available with choice of 3 Operating Heads:

  • MT1 Operating Head
  • MT6 three station (upset detect station, die cast station, trim station) Operating Head
  • Horizontal clamshell type Operating Head


  • Innovative unique design eliminates high cost to produce tooling
  • Simple quick change, high precision tooling allows operators to change over jobs in less than 30 seconds (horizontal type head)
  • Quality Features: The ABCJr will not inject a part unless the following key parameters are met:


  • Cable or part must be in place
  • Melt pot must be at the correct temperature
  • Injection Nozzle must be at the correct temperature


Upset Machine

  • Bench top style cable upset machine for diameters up to ¼”
  • Fast, dependable, repeatable
  • Quick change tooling for various cable diameters