Located just outside of Peterborough Ontario Canada, Justco Limited was founded in 1987 by Gary Rashotte. With Gary’s extensive background in electrical-mechanical technology, and a passion for innovative engineering and design, the company quickly gained recognition in the die cast industry by providing top quality products and superior service.

Justco began by manufacturing precision die cast parts. Production involved running a complicated, short, close tolerance automobile hood release cable that had zinc die cast barrels on both ends. In order to meet high demand and volumes, a special upset machine, which birdcaged both cable ends simultaneously was designed and built. In addition to production work, the company branched into building customized tooling and devoted a considerable amount of time and effort in developing and troubleshooting applications.

In 1990, Justco prototyped a shaft and powdered metal plate assembly for a major U.S. company. These two parts were die cast together. Justco designed the locking configuration for the plate and stainless steel shaft to meet the required torque specifications. The two parts were accurately joined together with the zinc alloy by injecting the molten metal into the cavity tooling holding the components. Close tolerances were met and repeatability was achieved by the precision tooling. The completed assembly was used to activate the four-wheel drive mechanism in pick-up trucks. The production of the plate and shaft assembly steadily increased to the present production of 30,000-40,000 assemblies per week. This provided an ideal opportunity for observation and constant improvement by running our machines at such high rates. This in turn, allowed us to fine tune machine renewal parts for optimum longevity.

With demand rapidly increasing and a surge in die casting requests, new die cast equipment was required. Through insightful observation, Justco anticipated the need for a more highly developed machine that could handle the volumes required. The ABC (Assembly By Casting) machine was developed and built to meet market demand and has been the best selling product ever since! With a positive track record and feedback, the general consensus by customers is that the ABC Machine is fast, dependable, user friendly and very economically priced.

Using the ABC machine as a starting point, Justco developed an entire line of increasingly sophisticated, user friendly, and dependable assembly systems including, the improved and smaller ABCJr with choice of operating heads: the MT1 head, MT6 head, the standard horizontal type head, and our newest product the MT7 Café (fully automated – taking the cable from the reel to cut birdcage, die cast and trim).

Justco is dedicated to simplicity and innovation, designing products that customers can use easily and dependably, and that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing production line. All machine assembly systems are competitively priced to ensure optimal customer satisfaction and to accommodate a range of production requirements.

After more than 28 years, Justco Limited continues to embrace the future by observing current market trends while keeping our ear open to our customers. The new Justco MT7 embodies this philosophy with a completely new design that provides increased speed, efficiency and precision. As business and production requirements continue to evolve, Justco will always be at the forefront providing innovative solutions to your die casting needs. Justco Limited, engineering the future.